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A new lifestyle from Nagasaki

For a prosperous and healthy life

Initiatives of Ogasawara Co., Ltd.

Watch our better environmento at Nagasaki


Living environment management

Constructed the head office building of Ogasawara Co., Ltd. and Santa Hills condominium, and rented and maintained it in-house.

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Construction of sports facilities

New ground for Nagasaki Kaisei Gakuen High School

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Construction of renewable energy facilities

Opened a large-scale solar power generation facility

Promotion of food education activities

Aiming for comprehensive human health promotion such as living and living in collaboration with the NPO Nagasaki Food Education Association

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"Love where there is hatred,


Forgiveness where there is a quarrel,


Faith where there is doubt


Hope where there is despair


Light in the darkness


Bring joy to where you are sad. "

Pope Francis of the Roman Catholic Church

Future vision


Nagasaki Glamping Site

Aiming to open in 2025

In order for human beings to be healthy, it is very important to come into contact with nature, which is rich both physically and mentally, and to surround the dining table with everyone and talk with them. I would like to create an environment for that purpose in several places in Nagasaki City, and make it a place for people to relax and learn.

Various notices

We will send you information on properties managed by Ogasawara Co., Ltd., new business initiatives, and information on holding various events by e-mail or news paper, so please register from the following.

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