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Tadewara Mega Solar Power Plant

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It is a mega solar power plant that utilizes the site of a golf course. Of the total site area of 112ha, we made the best use of the developed land on the south slope extending about 750m in the east-west direction and about 700m in the north-south direction, and placed solar panels on about 28ha. The solar panel, substation, and extra high voltage substation are accessible by a crushed stone paved management road.

・ Land owner Matsunao Co., Ltd. (Matsuzono Hisami Memorial Foundation)

・ Business Headquarters Nagasaki Tadewara Solar GK

(Investor) Mitsubishi Corporation Power Co., Ltd., Toda Corporation, Mitsubishi UFJ Lease Co., Ltd. ・ Main contractor Toda Corporation ・ Subcontractor type Mega solar power plant construction work “Site construction work (earth work) 1,0 type”


As for the time series of this project, the construction of an 18-hole golf course was suspended in a total area of 110ha (23 Tokyo Domes) as "Yakult Nagasaki Golf Club". With the idea of "Mottainai", we made a plan and proposed the effective use of this land on June 4, 2012 with all our strength. The main purpose is to open a 2 mega solar power plant with renewable energy as a tourism farm business, and to plan the placement as a learning facility for visitors, and as a consultant for the farm business, sightseeing in Aso, Kumamoto Prefecture. We received guidance from Mr. Hitoshi Kinouchi (Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration, Tokai University, Chairman of Kinouchi Farm) and made a proposal.


If you have any idle land or construction suspension, we are looking forward to your consultation on effective utilization in the future.

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