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Kaisei Gakuen ground construction


"Baseball field, soccer / rugby field construction work" was newly established in Miyazaki, Sanwa-cho, Nishisonogi-gun, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of Kaisei Gakuen. Mariakai Sanwacho Monastery (1976) ・ Sanyo Foods Co., Ltd. developed the acquired part and the land for sale of state-owned land as a planned site for a golf course in the site of the training institute (1987). The current state of the orchards and forests, which are 750m from Kawahara Oike and 60m above sea level, has been preserved as much as possible.

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(At the time of this business, it was a business participation as Ogasawara Shoten in the predecessor of Ogasawara Co., Ltd.) An almighty veteran engineer who did all of this business is in office at our company. The engineer was enrolled in the doctoral course at Nagasaki University Graduate School and researched and developed as a roadbed material for school grounds at the "Matsushima Thermal Power Station Coal Ash Effective Utilization Study Group". Was adopted at the baseball field, soccer and rugby field of this business, and engaged in the delivery work.
1996: Nagasaki University Graduate School Doctoral Program (Admission for Adults Selection Recommendation Examination, Passed Admission)
Completed the Department of Marine Production Development, Graduate School of Marine Production Science

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