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Other businesses


Product development and sales business of university goods

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Product development / sales of university goods

We are developing products for the purpose of helping to deepen the activities of the Tokai University Alumni Association. 
This Tokai University Alumni Association's first official goods "Tokai Bear" is the first school alumni association to sign a "T-Wave" trademark use right agreement with our company and Tokai University President Tatsuro Matsumae. After signing the contract, the NPO corporation made bear clothes by hand, and was born as Tokai Bear "boys" and "girls".


Social activities


Nagasaki Neighborhood Association / Santa Hills Neighborhood Association

The Santa Hills Neighborhood Association was established in March 1988 and is an important territorial organization that helps each other in the neighborhood and makes it easier to live in the city. 
The monthly "Public Relations Nagasaki" is a public relations paper of Nagasaki City that informs everyone about the news from the city and the movement of the city.
Issued once a month (information from the 11th to the 10th of the following month is posted) and delivered to each autonomous member by the Santa Hills Neighborhood Association Secretariat.

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Nagasaki Chamber of Commerce / Women's Association

The Nagasaki Chamber of Commerce was established in October 1879 as Japan's fifth chamber of commerce. Since then, it has been reorganized and renamed several times due to the economic situation and environmental changes at that time, and in 1953 after World War II, it was reorganized as a specially authorized corporation based on the "Chamber of Commerce Law", and today. Has reached. 
The Nagasaki Chamber of Commerce is currently organized with approximately 4,300 members. At the Women's Association of the Council, we will improve the qualifications of members by researching management and economic issues, deepen mutual friendship among members, establish a place for female managers, etc., and contribute to the promotion and development of the Nagasaki regional economy. For that purpose, we are actively engaged in various businesses.


Tokai University Academy Alumni Association / Nagasaki Prefecture Secretariat

Tokai University Gakuen Alumni Association aims to contribute to society through various activities such as school support, mutual exchange, cultural lectures, and sports exchange in each region. 
The alumni chairman Saki branch was officially established in 1977, and the founder Shigeyoshi Matsumae worked in Nagasaki during the Ministry of Communications, and at that time the current president Tatsuro Matsumae was born in Nagasaki in 1945.
With such a history, the Nagasaki Alumni Association has increased its sense of belonging to the university and is deeply engraving its ties. With the integration, the Tokai University Alumni Association has been integrated with the Kyushu Tokai University, Hokkaido Tokai University, and Junior College Alumni Associations since April 1, 2009, and has 1,248 members from the Nagasaki Branch.


Sales agent / business alliance


BBM Sports Commission

A business sent by the Baseball Magazine Group. 
We are developing various businesses such as artificial turf construction and designated management of facilities.
We have entered into a business alliance to provide high-quality artificial turf created from the results of analysis of issues such as running costs, measures for the surrounding environment such as dust, as well as ease of competition and safety. ..


Japan Green System

A company that always aims to be a "circulation conservation type company" that is friendly to people and the environment in order to respond to environmental problems such as effective use of resources by recycling the bark of sugi and cypress, which had been unused resources until now. 

Soil improvement method "JGS-CCR Clay" "JGS-CCR Clay" which has a lot of introduction results in special facilities such as archaeological sites and equestrian fields as well as multipurpose open spaces, school grounds, baseball fields, soccer fields, etc. We provide "JGS-CCR Green".

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