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Ogasawara Co., Ltd. ・ Main business


Real estate consulting business


In Nagasaki, a sloped city, we receive numerous consultations from owners regarding the utilization of a wide variety of terrain, check related city planning laws, building laws, administrative guidance, etc., and implement real estate utilization. 
With the idea of embodying "modern waste" in the total production of development activities, we adopted recycling materials as much as possible when selecting building materials, and learned from the coal ash utilization study group at Nagasaki University. The by-product "Klinka Ash" from the power plant was proposed and adopted as a ground roadbed material for the construction of baseball fields, soccer fields, and rugby fields in educational sports facilities.
In addition, the use of recycling for the gypsum board discharged from the building demolition work, which is increasing every year, was announced at the academic conference for several years. We have developed and commercialized treated materials and have adopted them for on-site construction.
We look forward to your inquiries and inquiries, such as requesting construction materials. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please contact us at the following.


Real estate leasing and management business


The brand of condominium housing provided by our company is "Santa Hills". 
With the image of many Santa Clauses staying on the small hills of Nagasaki, we aim to create a safe and secure rental condominium with a convenient location and a design surrounded by greenery.
When welcoming you to the Santa Hills Mansion, Santa Claus always smiles and raises your hand and says, "Welcome, please go home." At night, we are waiting for you forever with the warm and cute light lit up by LED lighting.
If you are looking for a place to live in Nagasaki, please consider "Santa Hills" Mansion.


Food education eco product development and sales business


The purpose of the NPO Japan Food Education Association Food Education Basic Law "Food" is the foundation for creating a healthy society, and "Food Education" is lifelong learning that is directly linked to all quality of life such as health, culture, environment, and agriculture. It is to learn the joy of making and tasting food by yourself through experiences from the period, and to acquire the wisdom to protect your own health. 
Then, learn the correct knowledge and information based on scientific evidence and support, put it into practice, and live a "lifelong comfortable life" as the ultimate goal.
To this end, food education instructors will acquire correct knowledge about "food and health" as a leader in promoting such food education activities, and will educate and disseminate the significance of food education to people of all ages, from children to the elderly. Therefore, I would like to support the creation of a healthy society by developing a national movement called "food education" through seminars and other means.
We aim to realize a society in which all people can cultivate a healthy mind and body throughout their lives and foster a rich humanity. A healthy diet is important for fostering a healthy and prosperous humanity, so that nutritionally, you can know exactly what nutrients you need and take them correctly. We aim to develop products that can be put into practice as "wisdom" as well as being acquired as knowledge.

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