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Business planning / planning / design / development permission / construction

Ogasawara Co., Ltd. proposes problem-solving that is close to the lives of people in Nagasaki Prefecture.



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Company-owned condominium "Santa Hills Mansion"

Renewal OPEN in November 2017, 8 stories above ground, 43 parking lots

Number of apartment rooms [4LDK 12 rooms, 3LDK 29 rooms]

2F Ogasawara Headquarters

New prefectural office straight line 2km ・ Nagasaki bus stop "Harukimachi" 1 minute walk

Major achievements so far
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Kaisei Gakuen ground construction

"Baseball field, soccer / rugby field construction work" was newly established in Miyazaki, Sanwa-cho, Nishisonogi-gun, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of Kaisei Gakuen. Mariakai Sanwacho Monastery (1976) ・ Sanyo Foods Co., Ltd. developed the acquired part and the land for sale of state-owned land as a planned site for a golf course in the site of the training institute (1987). The current state of the orchards and forests, which are 750m from Kawahara Oike and 60m above sea level, has been preserved as much as possible. 

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Tadewara Mega Solar Power Plant

It is a mega solar power plant that utilizes the site of a golf course. Of the total site area of 112ha, we made the best use of the developed land on the south slope extending about 750m in the east-west direction and about 700m in the north-south direction, and placed solar panels on about 28ha. The solar panel, substation, and extra high voltage substation are accessible by a crushed stone paved management road. 

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Santa Hills Mansion

With the image of many Santa Clauses staying on the small hills of Nagasaki, we aim to create a safe and secure rental condominium with a convenient location and a design surrounded by greenery. Ogasawara Co., Ltd. has its head office on the second floor of this condominium, where it operates a real estate leasing and management business. 

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NPO Nagasaki Food Education Association

We aim to realize a society in which all people can cultivate a healthy mind and body throughout their lives and foster a rich humanity. A healthy diet is important for fostering a healthy and prosperous humanity, so that nutritionally, you can know exactly what nutrients you need and take them correctly. We aim to develop products that can be put into practice as "wisdom" as well as being acquired as knowledge. 

Ogasawara Co., Ltd./Business list

Real estate consulting business

Food education eco product development and sales business

​Social activities

Real estate leasing and management business

Product development and sales business of university goods

Sales agent / business alliance

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